Commercial Property Survey

Results from a recent survey by Livingston Gunn property wealth experts. 


The data collected by Livingston Gunn shows a variety of information about investors and developers. It is clear that investors are still poised to make purchases but opportunities are few and far between.

The vicissitudes of the financial markets have pushed more institutional investors and high net worth individuals seeking safe havens for there capital. London again has been at the forefront. We have seen prime residential assets in London increase in freehold value by a minimum of 9% for the year to date. This could be a direct result of the profusion of capital and influx from foreign investors from the E.U.

The more enterprising allocation of capital still pays dividend through industrial real estate, with rental yeilds increasing through competitive freehold values on vacant property. Our refurbishment programme on distressed assets is at an all time high, whilst we take advantage of assets that have been held in poor condition by previous owners.

We continue to look past the current caveats in the macro financial climate, continuing our accretion of income and building upon a stable investment base.