TVS Logistics takes up 50,000 sq ft


(Picture showing section 1 of 4. Space was added together to accommodate TVS needs)

We have just completed the refurbishment of the last unit which was part of the acquisition of the Launton road industrial estate. We are glad to welcome TVS logistics to our growing list of industrial tenants. With the ongoing lack of industrial space available in Oxfordshire we were able to provide and link suitable space to create a layout TVS were happy with.

The let ties units 31-34 as one operational space, this is a classic scenario of us working with potential customers to listen and discuss their needs and follow up with a plan to create a workplace that suits there needs and is operationally as efficient as possible.

With the lack of industrial developments over the last few years our focus is now turning to new acquisitions and a ramp up of refurbishment on current stock, adding value and keeping the portfolio attractive to new customers.