B&P Properties are a private real estate investment company. We invest in a broad range of real estate, predominately commercial property in the South East of England. We own and manage properties as far North as Newcastle to prime residential property in central London to a substantial mix of property in the South East.

Our experience is extensive, we have been professionally investing in real estate since 1981 and haven’t stopped since. Our core strategy is to maximise rental yields on our portfolio, by using a proactive and strategic approach to all aspects of property investment. We take a long term approach on all assets whilst ensuring returns are maximised and very competitive within any market.

All aspects of real estate investment and management are dealt with in house.


We undertake all research into capital allocation. With extensive knowledge of the property market, allowing us to determine where the best returns are able to be found.

Development and refurbishment

Development and refurbishment is a constant part of our day to day business. A key part of the business is keeping a well maintained portfolio. We make our buildings stand out from the crowd, our refurbishments are thorough and we take great care in the finished product. We are always reviewing development opportunities within the current portfolio and new development sites.


We undertake management of all our properties, this allows us to react quickly and to make sure the portfolio is maintained to our standards. We can keep on top of all management issues as they happen and there are no delays in decisions through agents. We strongly believe it is essential to stay connected to the everyday happenings of the portfolio and market to further the growth of the company. Most rent reviews, lease renewals, assignment, licensing and leases are dealt with in house.

The benefits of us directly managing the portfolio can be seen by our tenants who can expect a prompt approachable service.


Over many years our portfolio has grown and developed to incorporate all variants of real estate, from local individual tenants to large blue chip companies. We take great care in the areas and markets we invest in and the improvements that we undertake, many assets we purchase are neglected or dilapidated and the potential is fully realised through our refurbishment and development programmes.