The importance of capitalising on an opportunity means we are always prepared to use our purchasing power and act decisively to secure the assets we require.

A constant programme of acquisitions in areas where we currently own property is very important to us, as well as looking further afield. Owning freeholds which are not fragmented allows us to manage more effectively and time and resources are used more efficiently.

One area which has taken a key role in this acquisition programme is Bicester Oxfordshire, over many years we have consistently improved commercial districts and areas surrounding. All freehold industrial units in this area are of interest. If you have an industrial/distribution, office, retail or any other requirement in the Bicester area or would like to sell a freehold please feel free to get in contact.

With a proactive approach to asset management, acquisitions are crucial and a key element to the progressive development of value within the business, we are constantly looking at the next opportunity.

Staying in contact with agents both locally and nationally is vital in seeking out opportunities. It could be a sale of a portfolio in receivership to a small local sale, we are always interested.


The company exists to receive income from long term held assets. Very rarely do we sell freehold property.