Eco town hangs in the balance

Councillors have deferred their vote for the first stage of the Eco town to the North West of Bicester, Oxfordshire.

The decision for the first stage of the Eco town, situated to the North West of the town has been postponed until further information is gathered. Further details on timing, the 106 agreement and the proposed infrastructure works were of concern.

The first stage of the proposed Eco town which will include 394 new homes an energy centre, community centre, business centre, primary school and pub could create more than four hundred new jobs.

There have been concerns from various groups about the green credentials and sustainability of the development especially relating to the plans for the final 5,000 homes. The local council has already received funding of over £13,000,000 for supporting the Eco town. The money is being spent on projects within Bicester to bolster and improve the green credentials of the town.

There is no doubt that the infrastructure and transport links present and proposed should cope with a higher head count in the town , the new development in the centre with Sainsburys which will see more retail units and restaurant space available will definitely benefit from a increase in population.

Bicester already suffers from minimal footfall in the town centre. If the plans to encourage more people into the centre were a success then it would be beneficial to the businesses in the area.

We have already received an increase in enquiries of the back off the proposed Eco town, the redevelopment of the town centre and transport upgrades. Businesses are showing interest in being in an area where so much investment is being allocated and where there is great potential for economic growth.